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2021 - 3rd Annual Memorial Kickoff Tournament  Softball

Summer 2021
Apr 30 ’21
May 2 ’21

Bozeman Softball Complex

April 30 - May 2

4 Game Guarantee

Friday/Saturday Pool Play Schedule

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In fall of 2019, we lost a pillar of our community, Deputy Jake Allmendinger. We dedicated the 2020 Kick Off proceeds to Jake's memory, but it was canceled because of the COVID-19 pandemic. We are committed to honoring Jake's memory, and we are dedicating the 2021 Kick Off Tourney proceed portion to Jake's family. You can also donate to Jake's family, by supporting the Jake Allmendinger Family Fund

The Kickoff tournament is a memorial and celebration of the lives of all GVSA players, volunteers, and umpires who we lost during the previous year. If you have a GVSA member who you'd like to commemorate, please email us at 

Tournament Information:

  • Click Here to view the current team list
  • 3 game round robin, single-elimination bracket. If needed, local teams may play a round-robin game Friday night.
  • $200 per team if you are registered USA Softball of Montana team (registered for league play). Teams that are not USA Softball registered will pay an additional $20 registration fee for insurance purposes.
  • A limited number of spots available, payment must be received in order to reserve your spot. Waiting list available in case teams drops out. Free-agent team signup as well
  • Depending on the number of teams, local teams may be asked to play Friday night.
  • Rainout: The umpires on the field will determine if there is sufficient danger, either from lightning or unsafe field conditions to call a game. If the Saturday game has played 3 full innings, the game will count towards seeding. If other games are not able to be played. If bracket games are not able to finish, trophies will be awarded to the highest seed.
  • Tournament Brackets
    • Assuming enough teams are registered for Coed, there will be an upper and lower bracket on Sunday,

Tournament Rules:

  • COVID-19 Rules are in effect (as of 02/08/2021 - subject to change as tournament date draws near)
  • Team rosters will need to be turned in before you leave the complex on Saturday, please turn in to the concession stand.
  • For bracket games, rostered players only.
  • Roster checks will only be done upon request of either team manager only.
  • Teams can pick up 2 players due to injuries, must alert the tournament director prior to the game. They must sign a roster before playing.
  • All official 2021 USA Softball rules will be followed, except for those stated below:
    • No metal cleats allowed for any games/divisions
    • Co-ed can bat 10,12, or 14 players, Men's can bat 10,11,or 12.
    • Home Runs Allowed: Men's Upper: 4    Men's Lower: 2   Co-Ed: 2
    • All home runs above the allowed number will result in an out for the batter
  • Friday/Saturday Rules - Round Robin Games
    • No new inning after 60 minutes
    • Drop-dead time of 70 minutes. If in the top of the inning, the score reverts back to the last completed inning. If in the bottom of the inning, the current score is recorded.
    • The home team will be decided by a coin toss at the beginning of the game and will keep the official book. Winning team report score to the concession stand.
    • Run rule in effect: 20 after 3 innings, 15 after 4 innings, 10 after 5 innings
    • Home Run Bracelets Available!
      • Each team can purchase up to 2 home run bracelets for the round robin games, for $25 each. If the person wearing the bracelet hits a home run, it will not count towards your total. You can purchase these at the concession stand at any time.
      • The person wearing the home run bracelet has to wear it for all their teams games
  • Sunday Rules - Bracket Games:
    • Run rule in effect: 20 after 3 innings, 15 after 4 innings, 10 after 5 innings
    • The home team goes to the higher seed.
  • Ejections:
    • A player may be ejected from the game for unsportsmanlike conduct, at the discretion of the Umpire.
    • An ejected player must leave that field area the game is being played.
    • Upon a second offense, the ejected player must leave the softball complex for the remainder of the tournament.
    • A player can also be made ineligible if the umpire deems them too intoxicated to play.
    • GVSA has a ZERO TOLERANCE policy when it comes to umpire mistreatment. 

Softball Complex Rules & Info

Tournament is currently full, please email to be put on the waitlist.

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