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Game Schedules

Please note - schedules are subject to change. As the season progresses, scheduling conflicts can arise and GVSA may make changes to accommodate conflicts. No changes will be made within 2 weeks of scheduled games, unless there is an emergency; in such cases, GVSA will contact affected teams individually. Changes to field number may be made to accommodate double headers. Double check your schedule often!

2021 Summer Schedules

  • Women's
  • Coed C/D/E1
  • Coed E2
  • Coed E3
  • Men's C/D 
  • Men's E/Masters

Rainout Policy

All games will be rescheduled. Rainouts may be replayed on any day - including Fridays.

Forfeit Policy

Forfeits will not be automatically rescheduled. The forfeiting team may request a reschedule if 48 hours prior to the game. If less than 48 hours, team may request a reschedule but are subject to a $20 umpire fee.

Past Seasons

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