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League Rules

GVSA League Rules - Updated 06.24.2020 

 GVSA 2020 COVID-19 Opening.pdf 

2020 Season Additional Rules (COVID-19):

Safeguards for all phases

  1. Social distancing of 6' for all players and spectators
  2. Wash your hands with soap and water or use hand sanitizer, especially after touching frequently used items
  3. Avoid touching your face
  4. Sneeze or cough into a tissue, or the inside of your elbow
  5. Disinfect frequently used items and surfaces, as much as possible
  6. Face coverings are strongly urged by players and spectators
  7. People who feel sick, have a fever of 100.4 or greater, or have other COVID-19 symptoms should stay home

Softball Complex Rules

  1. Social distancing for players and spectators
  2. Bleachers will be removed, tell your fans to bring chairs if they want
  3. All food related garbage must be discarded in garbage cans only! This includes gum, sunflower seeds, and all tobacco products
  4. Please refrain from spittingGame Play Rules

Game Play Rules

  1. Keep 6 feet distancing, no more than 3 people in a dugout at a time
  2. No team huddles
  3. Pre-game coin flip - umpire and captains to maintain 6 feet distancing. No handshakes.
  4. Teams are responsible for sanitizing shared equipment
  5. Teams are encouraged to sanitize the dugout, prior to the game
  6. Managers to keep a record of players names in case contact tracing is required (normal roster/scorebook is sufficient)
  7. Catchers remain at least 6 feet from batter, allowing ball to bounce on the black mat
  8. No stealing allowed in any league
  9. Umpire will not switch balls out or handle any softballs
  10. In Coed games, catchers will switch balls; extra ball stored against the back stop
  11. Pitchers or catchers take ball(s) into dugout between innings, bring out when in field
  12. At the start of each game, each team will be given one game ball.
  13. Coed: GVSA provides one Men's and one Women's ball and teams supply the other one; winner of coin toss picks which new ball to receive
  14. If a ball is hit out of play/not retrievable - batting team gives a sanitized ball to the pitcher (Balls should be the 52 COR 300 compression rating to comply with USA Softball regulations. 12" men's and 11" women's
  15. Teams to provide their own sanitizing materials

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