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Pre-season Practice

Use the Signup Genius links below to sign up for your practice slot. If you do not electronically sign up for a practice field, you may have to move if a signed up team shows up.




GVSA Pre-season Practice Rules 

  1. Sign up for no more than 1 consecutive timeslot in order to give all teams a chance to be on the fields. 
  2. Please stay out of the batting boxes as much as possible. This is at the request of the field maintenance crew and helps to keep the batting boxes in good shape. 
  3. Use this webpage to sign up for slots - even if you sign up and play right away - this will prevent another team from coming in at the same time and claiming the field. 
  4. If you can't use a signed up slot, please come to this page and delete your signup.
  5. Field 4 is reserved for girls' fastpitch practice and games. You can use this field if there is nobody on there, but be prepared to leave if a fastpitch group shows up. 

Thanks for all your help in making the preseason run smoothly!

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