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Free Agents

Free Agent Listing for the 2019 Season

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Players Looking for Teams

Name Desired Contact Info Position(s) Desired League(s) Comments Date
Shawn Whitehurst
Text @4065997274 Right/right center some pitching Masters men coed D Male 42 got bats glove and cleats. Ready to play 03/20/2019  
Jacob Beckley 303-249-7018; OF, P Co-Ed I played baseball through college and have played slow-pitch softball off and on for the past 10 years.  I enjoy playing on both competitive and more recreational teams 03/20/2019
Chelsey Ras 360-305-6697 3rd, or anywhere other than pitch/catch Co-Ed I played in high school and have played in various co Ed leagues 03/20/2019
Chris and Devon Mitchell 406-570-0693 Chris infield, Devon outfield Men's E or D Me and my brother are looking to get onto a men's team this year and we would like to be on the same team if possible. We currently play co-Ed and are looking to play men's as well. We are both athletic players. I played baseball for 14 years before playing softball for the past 6 years. Devon has been playing for 3 years now. I can play anywhere but primary positions are middle infield or third. Devon is a solid outfielder with a good arm. We both have speed, can hit, and are highly competitive but also like to have fun 03/22/2019
Ian Hodges 406-946-2056 3B Men's E Ian and I have played softball for 4years now on men's E strong hitting and speed 04/01/2019
Devon Pedersen 406-209-7221 2B outfield (prefer 2B) Men's E Ian and I have played softball for 4years now on men's E strong hitting and speed 04/01/2019
Ruth Spinelli any position  Co-Ed 04/01/2019
Sean Connors 406-697-5101 or First, Third, Outfield, and interested in pitching Men's E or Co-Ed E1 32 year old, no injury issues, just out of shape. Played D softball in Missoula a couple years ago. Still have a glove and cleats. Can purchase a bat if necessary. Love to play and committed to being at all games. 04/02/2019
James Wood and Kayla Marie text or call (406)580-8041 Third base, shortstop and any outfield Co-Ed 04/03/2019
Cille Patten Text 406-548-8023 Anywhere Co-Ed I am 24 years old. I am deaf (Hard of Hearing) but I can hear pretty good. I want to join the team and have fun.  I played with Co-Ed and Women team last year. I also play with other team in different town in Montana. 04/03/2019
Kent Zapata
619-756-2256 2nd/1st Base or outfield Masters 40+ league or Men's E I've played softball over 15 years, been on multiple teams that won championships and can play right side of the infield or outfield.  Even though I'm over 40, I don't play like it and still get after it on the field.  I've coached teams so understand the dynamics and need for committed players. 04/05/2019
Chris Warden 406-570-5074 infield outfield co-Ed and men's I'm looking to just play. I've played both coed and men's league in the past. If you don't need a full time and just need someone to call if you are short players I am fine and willing to do that as well. I just really want to play 04/08/2019
Cody Wood Middle Infield or Outfield Any Middle Infield or Outfield. Will play the hot corner for a case of beer. Any League. Just wanna throw the ball around again. Pros Quick and responsive in field and on base paths, I can hit the gaps, will attend practice and train teammates, can match the energy on a team, not offended by others remarks. I live next to the fields. Cons I do not want to pitch or play 1st base. I do not eat as healthy as I should. Can not hit the curve. 04/12/2019
Lacee Gengenbacher 406 422 7678, call or text I played shortstop or third base when I was much younger, but have not played in over 20 years Co-ed E2 I loved playing fast pitch when I was younger. I am just going to give it straight. I am 39, I am on a journey to lose weight and enjoy being physical and I have not played for over 20 years. I am not sure I am going to be great, are you sold yet. Lol. But I am willing to meet to practice and I really enjoy playing ball. If your team is super competitive I am probably not your gal. If you are more relaxed and need a female, I am in!!! 04/16/2019
Wyatt Nielsen 605-370-8474 Anywhere Men's Me and my brother Zach are looking to join a team. Im 22 and he is 29. Can play anywhere. Both played high school baseball. 04/16/2019
Ally Colvin 865-640-4571 Any Co-Ed I just moved to Bozeman and hoping to get involved in a league! I played fast pitch softball growing up and have played in slow pitch co-ed leagues for the past 3 years.  Hoping to join mainly a fun and possibly (semi) competitive team :) 
Derek Westveer Call or text 406-366-3331 Really anything, Choice would be LC, RC, 1st, 3rd Co-Ed, Men's D or E  I played baseball when I was younger and I have played city league in Bozeman for the last 3 years. I usually try to play in 2-3 tournaments a year. I know the game. Looking for a fun but competitive team. Will fill in as well. 04/16/2019
Joe Meyer Call/text 732-503-5925, email Any outfield, 2nd base Men's or co-ed 28 years old, played in many leagues (Fort Drum, Virginia, and NJ). Looking to get on the field! I'm a fast runner and big hitter 04/19/2019
Wes Aylward 860-912-5203 3b/1b Men's C or D I have played 5 years of competitive softball, played high school ball. 28 years old 04/19/2019
Melissa Harlow 406-459-7314 outfield co-ed Played along time ago  Looking to get a little competitive, but mostly have fun 04/19/2019
Krys Kelley text 406.230.6483 3rd, outfield, willing to play whatever is needed except pitch/catch co-ed New to the Bozeman area from Alabama. I haven't played since high school but I'd love to get back into it. 24 years old 04/19/2019
Pat Kadrmas text or call 928-830-6383 any except pitcher mens masters has played all positions and played on numerous championship teams in AZ and ND. Just moved to Bozeman looking for a fun and competitive team to join 05/02/2019
Mason Dinardi & Jason Branum Call/Text (406)853-2072 Mason - Outfield, Jason - First base, utility Any, just looking to play Mason(20) and Jason(21) roommates looking for a team. We have our own equipment minus bats. Mason was a legion baseball player for Miles City Mavericks, playing center field. Jason is a lefty brute with plenty of hitting power 05/02/2019
Carson Mielke 425-308-2362 1st base, outfield, pitcher Men's C or D I have played baseball and softball my whole life. I love playing the game, and being a part of a team. I put my all into every game I play and being on the field is one of my favorite feelings 05/02/2019
Kael Fry (608) 234-8763 (text) pitcher used to play competitive D in Wisconsin work until 6:00 PM on Tuesdays so might be a bit late with early games 05/02/2019
Joe Kaufmann 406-580-4923 Any IF preferred co-ed Played in league last 5 years, available any night for games 05/02/2019
Jake Schultz 406-696-0365 Any Men's or CoEd 05/02/2019
Angela Van Lierop 206-302-8845 2nd, outfield, catcher - can play most positions womens (pt or sub) I can cover any position. Prefer 2nd, outfield, catcher. I am a consistent single/double hitter. I have been playing for 30+ years, since I was a kid. I play on a coed-D/E team as well. Just want to have fun and get on a womens team. 05/02/2019
Gina Cahalan 863-860-4915 Anywhere Co-ed or Women's. Competitive Played softball all the way through high school and have played on a coed softball team up in Big Sky the last few years but just moved to Bozeman. 05/02/2019
Kelsey Moorhouse 6519551165 or Catcher or infielder Either women's or coed Female 20, gear ready, experience w/fastpitch 05/02/2019

James Corbett 406-860-6892 any any I just want to play softball since I just can't play baseball anymore. My son's baseball season is over and I want to play through the summer maybe some travel ball. 05/28/2019
Kyle Zidek 630-920-3416 All Coed or Men�??�?�¢??s Age 30. New to the area and have played baseball/softball every year 05/28/2019
Jim Marozzo 406-291-3350 Any Men's 05/29/2019
Kelley Pettigrew 805 861 8931 Infield,outfield, 3rd, short, CF CO-ed or women's I am available to play Mon, Tues, Thur 06/14/2019
Taylor Adams Text: 406-780-0118 1st Base, Catcher Co-Ed or Women's I played first base in high school, and multiple positions on a "beer league" team for a few years. I've been out of the game for 3 years but would love to start playing again. Open to playing different positions, and just looking to have some fun! 06/21/2019

Teams Looking for Players

Name Desired Contact Info Team League Comments
Steph Campbell (406)581-4596 leave message please Team Outkast CoEd E1 Team Outkast is looking for a couple of girls to play on our team this season! Need one catcher and one outfielder Our team is competitive, but super chill and fun! Asking for commitment, as we keep a small roster
Makayla Lennick Text (406)-548-8838 Cat's Paw Co-Ed E2 The Cat's Paw team is looking for women who want to play in the outfield or as the catcher for our season. Our team is fun, but we can get competitive! We ask that the women who are interested will commit to the team as we like to keep our roster on the shorter side! We like to have fun and look forward for this upcoming season and the many laughs that will come with it! If anyone is interested please contact me at (406)-548-8838 and I would prefer messages instead of calls! 

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