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Players Looking for Teams

Name Desired Contact Info Position(s) Desired League(s) Comments Date
Melissa Ragain Melissa Ragain any, beginner womens/co-ed I've never played this game before, but I promise not to mess it up too much. ;)
Cindy Leavitt and Allison Troxell
406 600-1474 (Cindy)
406 218-9813 (Allison)
Any Any We are two 50 year old women who are both athletic but neither of us have played much softball.I was a former professional tennis player and Alli has also played numerous sports. We would like to be on a team together. 3/18/2018
Brian Gorman 406-539-9853; Pitcher (15 Seasons Men's Softball) E Mens, but will pitch for any team anytime. Since 2002 I have played on and rostered with 5 mens' teams. In 15 seasons of mens softball, playing in the C, D, and E Leagues, I have pitched 452 games. The teams won 301 of those games, lost 138 and tied 13. Fortunately, I played with some really good players. For the last three seasons I have serious knee/leg problems and have not fielded and batted as well as I would have liked. I had major knee surgery this winter and I hope to play up to my standard. Last year a D and an E team had me as their backup pitcher. I pitched 19 games last year. I will pitch for anybody anytime and I will show up for every game on time. I pitch well and I rarely walk a batter. My strike out to walk ratio is very good. If my knees/legs are right, this year, my fielding, batting, and on base percentage should be respectable. I will try out for any team, I just want to play. 3/18/2018
Mark Rance 720-503-1299,  3rd or 2nd base Mens E or Co-Ed  I played baseball from age 8-35, including 4 years of college play.  I have been playing softball since then. My license says I am over 50 but my head thinks I'm 23.  I can hit for average and power and my defense has always been very solid.  I am extroverted, fun, funny and easy to be around. New to Bozeman, this will be my first summer here. 3/25/2018
Cille Patten text 406-548-8023
any women or coed I just want to play and have fun! I am just 23 years old but I want to do it. 3/28/2018
Tim Strigenz 503-449-7923 any any Former high school baseball player.  Walked on in college for a year.  I played third base and outfield, but willing to play anywhere.   Easygoing and responsible.  Would love to play for your tea 3/29/2018
Devon Pedersen 406-209-7221 2nd base left field Men's I've played 2 years in a row love playing with and being a team leader 4/4/2018
Zane Van Middendorp 406-600-6785 infield or outfield Men's E, Co-Ed E1/2 28 years old with some softball experience 4/4/2018
Luke Henderson INF/OF Co-Ed I'm 31 and have a couple years of softball experience. I'm a good contact hitter, good speed, decent outfielder. I'm pretty laid back but have a competitive streak, too. 4/6/2018
Tricia Wentz and Cassie Schulz (406)548-5439 call or text! any co-ed 1 or co-ed 2 we both have some experience with playing softball! Just looking for a fun summer activity 4/9/2018
Isabel Shaida 914 441 6110; catcher, any womens/co-ed I am 25 years old, have not played on a team in a few years but played competitively from when I was 5 through high school. Willing to play anywhere, would just love to be on a team again. Unfortunately, I am not back in Bozeman until the middle of June, but if any team needs a sub or a late add in I would love to join!! 4/9/2018
Stacey Lamb first, third, pitcher, catcher any I can hold my own in any position, use to have a better arm but great aim and good bat for a girl. Growing up mostly played infield.  Thanks for considering me, recently moved from CO and looking to meet new people in the area
Brooke Tibbetts (406)-451-2758 SS, infield.  IÃ??Ã?¢??m versatile and can play anywhere needed Women's and/or Co-Ed new to the area looking for a womenÃ??Ã?¢??s and co-ed team 4/18/2018
Jonathan Dahmer 970-331-2002, IF/OF Men's E,D, or Co-Ed Highly motivated to play and win!  I live close by, and will always show up.  I haven't played softball competitively in a few years as I keep forgetting to register.  I'm in good shape, have a lot of hustle, but more than willing to knock a few back and just have fun. 4/19/2018
Sean Neill 406-672-2397 any Co-Ed / Mens I been playing for almost my whole life!! Lets have some fun! Prefer text to phone 4/19/2018
Mathew Cope / Emily Cope 850-832-6578 / 904-483-1100 Any Co-Ed 4/19/2018

Teams Looking for Players

Name Desired Contact Info Team League Comments
Rachel Berg Cat's Paw Co-Ed E2 We are currently looking for female players, we could honestly use up to four players at this point
Dan Ventura Map R&D Co-Ed E2 Looking for 2 or 3 girls that would like to join the team

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