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Players Looking for Teams

Name Desired Contact Info Position(s) Desired League(s) Comments
Michele Burnor  
802.760.8314 Outfield preferred, can play any Women's, Co-Ed Years of Fastpitch experience and 1 season Co-ed Slo-Pitch experience. I am looking for more fun then crazy yelling in my face competition
Brad Bauer  Outfield Coed or Mens E Played several years in Helena in Coed and Mens D/E leagues
Tony Coryell (406)207-6646 left handed pitcher, outfielder and really a Utility player can play most positions all leagues, men and coed I've played in the Missoula Softball league for 3 years and played baseball for 17 years. I'm a placement hitter and I bat left handed.  Very fast sprinter.  I am competitive but not over the top.  Prefer middle and upper men's leagues but willing to play all leagues.  Also want to play Coed
Michelle Alstrom
Played Catcher or outfield
Co-ed or womens C or D
Played for 8 years and have not played for several years but want to get back into it.  Not available on Wednesdays.
Joe Shaffer
Senior Men's League
all infield positions
67 have been playing ball for 60 years, college, adult men's baseball since 1989
ben jackson 9079474770  
third,short, outfield, first. men's c or any men's league Trying to get on a new team this year. Looking for men's c or any men's division and maybe a co-ed team too. Played D-1 ball back in the day.
Joe Kaufmann 406-580-4923 3B/SS preferred, can and will play any Any Co-ed Have played for years, have run team in past, have my own equipment and bats. Never late or miss a game/practice. Just excited to get out and play
Suzanne Sowinska; 206-465-6117 Outfield, can play any position or pitch Womens (D) or Co-Ed (E) I havent played in a few years but was a reliable batter and fielder when I did. Want to be on same team as Ruth Levine so we are 2 players.
Ruth Levine; 206-722-3732 Infield Womens (D) or Co-Ed (E) I am interested in being on a fun team. I have basic softball skills and generally athletic. Want to be on the same team as Suzanne Sowinska so we are 2 players.
Anne Devereux Left field, Outfield Co-Ed, Womens I am interested in joining because I miss playing softball. I played 7+ years of Fast Pitch as a left fielder and batted fourth. I have little Slo Pitch experience.
Katie Gahagan 914-826-4421,   any outfield woman's league or less competitive co-ed league I played rec softball back in New York and would love to start again in Bozeman!
Timothy Witherow 2692402771 I can play anywhere in the outfield d, or e league moved from Colorado looking to join a team fill in in the outfield
Kathleen Kennedy 408-315-8236 Any outfield, infield works, no first base no preference
Brianna Caron 207-509-0897 Any position Co Ed C/D or E1, Womens played softball growing up for 12 years, can play any position
Charlie Smith, 603-913-4674 Outfield Coed, Mens E Fast, can hit the ball, can catch the ball.  I think that covers it.
Angela Van Lierop, 206-302-8845 outfield, infield, catcher women's or co-ed, C or D I've been playing rec softball for 20+ years. I've played pretty much every position, though my pitching is sketchy. I hit consistently well
Kathleen Kennedy 408-315-8236 Any outfield, infield works, no first base no preference
Jeff Denman 1st, 2nd masters
Devon Pedersen Phone 406-548-4862 1st base/Left field Men's E Looking to get on a team for my first year playing softball
Dallas LeGrande 406-600-6552 Any ny men's or Coed looking to meet new people and have some fun
Patrick Kelleher 406-450-2957 call or text All co-ed D 5' 10", 24 years old, many years of baseball experience from t-ball through Babe Ruth leagues. Played one year co-ed softball last summer (not in Bozeman).
Benjamin Huang infield (short, third base are preferred. ) Mens and CoEd E1 I played pitcher, third and short stop in baseball. I would like to join one man's D and co-Ed E1
Sharon Hsieh second base I would like to join co-Ed E1
Taylor Kasa 612-207-5460 First Base, Second Base whatever is open, more fun than competitive 19 years old from Minnesota, played fast pitch all through high school. Would be adjusting to playing slow pitch but was first base for varsity. I would love to join a team to get involved this summer
Jessica Johnson 406-581-5707 or 1st or outfield Co-Ed Played in a Co-Ed league in Helena for 2 years before I moved to Bozeman. Generally athletic and looking for a competitive, fun team.
Jeb Hodges 423-774-5271 infield short/3rd. Anywhere really co-ed played baseball my whole life. Newer to town, looking to meet some cool peeps. Out of town April 17th-21
Desirae Allen 406 548 4416 1st or 2nd can do catcher but prefer 1st e1 , womens I am very competitive and love to play the game. I like to do tournaments when ever possible.
Tonia Dyas & Dave Dyas 5304120383 infielders (anywhere) Co-Ed (any level) New to town - want to have some fun. This is mom & son wanting to play on the same team. Mom has played since 12 yrs old. At the top of her game she played in the USSSA slowpitch Class-A women's world series. Son played baseball from TBall through High School.
Rodney Holder 406 4045948 pitcher...any upper leagues I have been playing softball for over 30 years. I am looking for a team because i just moved here from North Dakota
Chris warden 4065705074 infield any I have played a lot of 2nd and 3rd base but will play any where asked
Jess Fuhrman 406-942-2099 Any    Co-Ed, Men's D,E 6'4" Power Hitter, Played High School Baseball, Ex-Collegiate Athlete. I want to have fun and meet new people. Would like to be on the same team as Kyle Begger if possible.
Kyle Begger Any Co-Ed, Men's D,E Multi-sport athlete, Looking to have fun and meet new people.  Would like to be on the same team as Jess Fuhrman if possible
Kipp Proctor or 406.451.2203 3rd, Short, 2nd Men's D or C Played baseball through High School in Virginia. Most recently played for 6 years in the Big Sky softball league. Bat left. Competitive team player. If I can fill your roster needs, please let me know and feel free to reach out with further questions
Andy Weisbeck 4064617063 Outfield/2nd base doesn't matter. Can do CoEd or Men's league just moved to Bozeman and looking for a team. Former baseball player
David Mowry 570-466-6998 prefer outfield but can play any position any Co-Ed, Mens D or Masters Many years of experience. Competitive but also want to have fun.  Very dependable.  Solid player all around
Paige Mian 303-710-7812 experience with 3RD BASE AND LEFT FIELD, but will do any CO ED OR WOMEN'S I just moved from Colorado and am looking to have some fun and join a team! I played in HS and am willing to do any position! I really want to play this season
frank Benjamin 390-6186 1st catcher infield coed & Mens E I have helped sponsor my teams in the past with hats or jerseys
Jay Charon 451-6065 outfield third short Mens E
Haley Dill 602-214-0481 catcher, 3rd, 2nd E1 co-ed heavy hitter
Tyler Thorson 4064932296 infield and outfield mens c/d 22 years old, fresh off 3 years of collegiate baseball at Western Oregon U. You need me on your team
Cille Patten Text 406-548-8023 Outfield preferred, can play any Any Co-ed/ women looking to meet new people and have some fun
Alainna Lawless 320-291-9005 Any Position other than pitcher/catcher Womens or CO-ED I enjoy playing softball and just moved to Montana this year. Looking to join a fun and energetic team that is willing to have me
Andrew Weisbeck 4064617063 center field, 2nd base CoEd or Men's Former baseball player and am flexible for any position except pitcher
Laura simmons    406-559-6074 Any Womens
Chris Copeland 512-744-5280 Third base, outfield mens, or coed Moved here from Austin few months ago. Found out just by driving by and watching some games. Would love to play again.

Teams Looking for Players

Name Desired Contact Info Team League Comments
Jason Mascari

406-220-5233 Men's D We have had a Men's C team in Bozeman for a long time. Looks like we need a couple players this year

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