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Free Agents

Free Agent Listing has closed for 2018. Please check back next spring

Players Looking for Teams

Name Desired Contact Info Position(s) Desired League(s) Comments Date
Melissa Ragain Melissa Ragain any, beginner womens/co-ed I've never played this game before, but I promise not to mess it up too much. ;)
Cindy Leavitt and Allison Troxell
406 600-1474 (Cindy)
406 218-9813 (Allison)
Any Any We are two 50 year old women who are both athletic but neither of us have played much softball.I was a former professional tennis player and Alli has also played numerous sports. We would like to be on a team together. 3/18/2018
Brian Gorman 406-539-9853; Pitcher (15 Seasons Men's Softball) E Mens, but will pitch for any team anytime. Since 2002 I have played on and rostered with 5 mens' teams. In 15 seasons of mens softball, playing in the C, D, and E Leagues, I have pitched 452 games. The teams won 301 of those games, lost 138 and tied 13. Fortunately, I played with some really good players. For the last three seasons I have serious knee/leg problems and have not fielded and batted as well as I would have liked. I had major knee surgery this winter and I hope to play up to my standard. Last year a D and an E team had me as their backup pitcher. I pitched 19 games last year. I will pitch for anybody anytime and I will show up for every game on time. I pitch well and I rarely walk a batter. My strike out to walk ratio is very good. If my knees/legs are right, this year, my fielding, batting, and on base percentage should be respectable. I will try out for any team, I just want to play. 3/18/2018
Mark Rance 720-503-1299,  3rd or 2nd base Mens E or Co-Ed  I played baseball from age 8-35, including 4 years of college play.  I have been playing softball since then. My license says I am over 50 but my head thinks I'm 23.  I can hit for average and power and my defense has always been very solid.  I am extroverted, fun, funny and easy to be around. New to Bozeman, this will be my first summer here. 3/25/2018
Cille Patten text 406-548-8023
any women or coed I just want to play and have fun! I am just 23 years old but I want to do it. 3/28/2018
Tim Strigenz 503-449-7923 any any Former high school baseball player.  Walked on in college for a year.  I played third base and outfield, but willing to play anywhere.   Easygoing and responsible.  Would love to play for your tea 3/29/2018
Devon Pedersen 406-209-7221 2nd base left field Men's I've played 2 years in a row love playing with and being a team leader 4/4/2018
Zane Van Middendorp 406-600-6785 infield or outfield Men's E, Co-Ed E1/2 28 years old with some softball experience 4/4/2018
Luke Henderson INF/OF Co-Ed I'm 31 and have a couple years of softball experience. I'm a good contact hitter, good speed, decent outfielder. I'm pretty laid back but have a competitive streak, too. 4/6/2018
Tricia Wentz and Cassie Schulz (406)548-5439 call or text! any co-ed 1 or co-ed 2 we both have some experience with playing softball! Just looking for a fun summer activity 4/9/2018
Isabel Shaida 914 441 6110; catcher, any womens/co-ed I am 25 years old, have not played on a team in a few years but played competitively from when I was 5 through high school. Willing to play anywhere, would just love to be on a team again. Unfortunately, I am not back in Bozeman until the middle of June, but if any team needs a sub or a late add in I would love to join!! 4/9/2018
Stacey Lamb first, third, pitcher, catcher any I can hold my own in any position, use to have a better arm but great aim and good bat for a girl. Growing up mostly played infield.  Thanks for considering me, recently moved from CO and looking to meet new people in the area
Brooke Tibbetts (406)-451-2758 SS, infield.  I am versatile and can play anywhere needed Women's and/or Co-Ed new to the area looking for a womens and co-ed team 4/18/2018
Jonathan Dahmer 970-331-2002, IF/OF Men's E,D, or Co-Ed Highly motivated to play and win!  I live close by, and will always show up.  I haven't played softball competitively in a few years as I keep forgetting to register.  I'm in good shape, have a lot of hustle, but more than willing to knock a few back and just have fun. 4/19/2018
Sean Neill 406-672-2397 any Co-Ed / Mens I been playing for almost my whole life!! Lets have some fun! Prefer text to phone 4/19/2018
Mathew Cope / Emily Cope 850-832-6578 / 904-483-1100 Any Co-Ed 4/19/2018
Andrew Gaskill 406-720-0419 (please call in afternoon as I have class in the mornings); Any position, left center or right center is preferred Any I played baseball in high school and love playing in softball tournaments during the summer.  I am a student at MSU so I will actually be heading home for the summer.  However, I will be here for the weekend of the 28th and 29th so if anyone is looking for an extra player that weekend, I would love to join. 4/23/2018
Aimee and Kraig Arnaud  406-581-6821  Aimee:3rd/2nd
Kraig: Short stop or anywhere
Co-Ed Looking to play on the same team, advanced league would be first pick but we would play in beginner league. 4/24/2018
Ned Malone 406-945-3090 any position other than catcher and pitcher Co-ed or something less competitive Would want to be on the same team as Miguel Ley 4/26/2018
Miguel Ley 406-680-7117 any position other than catcher and pitcher Co-ed or something less competitive Would want to be on the same team as Ned Malone 4/26/2018
Kyle Van Dyken phone (406) 599-1267
Email - Plowboy_85@
any position but left, center, or right field are my preferences
any league never played in league but in pickup games with friends! I'm not a power hitter per say  but I've got speed 6" tall, I've got long legs and can cover lots of ground in a short time... I'm like a white Billy Hamilton... only I can hit better LOL! 5/04/2018
Bill Davenport (602) 751-8294
I mainly play left or left center but would be willing to play anywhere in the outfield Men's D or E. Co-Ed  I am 27 and have been playing softball for ~4 years in Arizona. Have played in a wide range of leagues. I am fairly quick and have a decent arm 5/04/2018
Michael Carlson 406-551-3351 I can play anywhere Anywhere with competition I am an all-star athlete and have played ball my whole life 5/10/2018
Andy Myre 406-224-3472 Any Any Just want to play the game and have fun 5/16/2018
Kaitlin Hood 406-850-2364 Second Base or Outfield Womens or Co-ed I have played softball several years now and my teams decided not to play this year.  I am looking to find a team where I can just go out and enjoy playing softball 5/17/2018
Jesse Gentner 406-570-9201 OF, 3B, 2B, C, 1B Mens E, Coed E2 Currently playing/managing in Coed E1 and 1 game per week is not enough! Good glove, high OBP, great attitude. Can join as rostered player or sub for any game. Thanks 5/23/2018
Crae Messer 802-384-6712, infield Men's I'm 24 years old, and I played hockey, soccer and baseball growing up. I just moved to the area and would love to join a team and get back into a competitive environment 6/29/2018
BJ Cope 406-581-6355 any position but catcher co-ed or men's I played on men's teams consistently for a number of years. Good hitter for average and power. Solid fielder. Just hoping to get in on some games if I can help 6/29/2018
Nolan Richmond 678-315-6776 1st base, right field, pitcher coed E2 coed E1 Met CJ looking forward to playing  6/29/2018
Morgan Gebro 701-809-3726
Womens/Co-Ed I have years of experience pitching and have also played short stop and first base for years.  I can play second, but can't play third or short stop right now due to being post-shoulder surgery in March.   I can attempt to play outfield, but can't promise how graceful it'll look.  I like to have fun, but I can also be friendly-competitive.  Just looking to continue doing something I love and meet people in the process with just moving here.  I'm not the fastest, but I'm not slow either. My hitting power is good.  As long as there isn't too much pressure on me, there's always a chance of me hitting one out of the park, but every hit is solid.  Played college and have enjoyed every minute of my athleticism decreasing as the years go by. I have played the game since I was three years old hitting off a tee and am very knowledgable and work well with people who know the game as well.  I could help fill in to finish off both seasons since I had to leave my women's and co-ed team back in North Dakota when I moved out here. 6/29/2018

Teams Looking for Players

Name Desired Contact Info Team League Comments
Rachel Berg Cat's Paw Co-Ed E2 We are currently looking for female players, we could honestly use up to four players at this point
Dan Ventura Map R&D Co-Ed E2 Looking for 2 or 3 girls that would like to join the team

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