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Free Agents 2020

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Players Looking for Teams - Fall 2020
Name Contact Info Position(s) Desired League Comments Date Added
Ben Hawriluk Outfield, 1st base, anywhere coed I'm new to town. Hit me up if you're looking for another player! 08/17/2020
Jordan Coleman Outfield Any men's or coed I can play anywhere but outfield is preferred. I played in Livingston for years but live on this side of the pass now and am eager for a little more competition. 8/18/2020
Brent American Horse 406-274-3807 Outfield Any New to the area. I am learning and I can run fast. It always fun to me unless we are serious then it is seriously fun to me. 9/08/2020

Summer 2020 List:

Players Looking for Teams
Name Desired Contact Info Position(s) Desired League(s) Comments Date Added
Tony Roberson
602-621-0820 Outfield (Mainly Left/Left Center) Men's or Co-Ed Recently moved to Bozeman last May from Louisiana. Looking to play on either a Men's or Co-Ed team. I have played in ASA leagues in Arizona and USSSA leagues in Louisiana. I have everything to play except for being on a team. 1/29/2020
Lizzie Guerra First Base Co-Ed I played first base in HS and for one season in College. I also played last season and really enjoyed it.
Would like to play with Timothy Johnson (listed below)
Timothy Johnson Catcher, Outfield Co-Ed Played last season in filler positions
Would like to play with Lizzie Guerra (listed above)
Todd Barton 406-580-5688 Played all positions in this league except pitcher and catcher Coed Ive played in this league and played baseball/softball for years.  Would be an asset to any team both offensively and defensively.  3/2/2020
Ethan Stevens 434-250-2166 Any except Catcher/First Men's E I played baseball from age five all the way through high school, I am 26 now, fairly new to Bozeman. Mostly just looking to have fun in a friendly environment. Mostly played third base, and center field. Pretty much open to playing anything besides catcher, and first. 3/2/2020
Angela Van Lierop 206-302-8845 Women's Any except Pitcher  I am on a coed team. Would love to join a womens team. Full-time, part-time, or even as a sub 3/2/2020
Stefan Mercurio Mens or Coed Any except catcher I am moving to Bozeman soon from California. Played baseball (and other sports) from Little League through High School. Mostly pitcher and shortstop (starter). Some adult league games as well. 23 years old.  Looking to have fun and get to know people in the area 3/4/2020
Caleb Caquelin 406-781-4487 Middle infield preferred, but will play anywhere Mens or Coed Had a mens e team for a couple  years but the last 2 years haven't been able to get enough players and miss playing softball 3/4/2020
Devon Pedersen 406-209-7221 2nd base,short Mens or Coed I have played 5 Seasons this will be my 6th season
Davey Dyas 530-306-0159 Anywhere besides pitcher. Prefer to be infield Mens or Coed I am 22 years old and I played baseball through high school, once I graduated I played one season of slow pitch in college and loved it. I am okay playing extremely competitively or with folks who just want to have a good time. 4/10/2020
Jordan Bostian 704-798-6037 will play anywhere but pitcher and catcher preferred shortstop or left field Mens or Coed played softball for a while now I'm 22 with a lot of energy and I'm really good in the field 4/10/2020
Robynn Dunn 406-241-8034 Coed E2 Outfield, Catcher I played in High School (20 something years ago) and then on a team in Great Falls a couple of years ago.  I am athletic but not at a super competitive level so the E2 division sounds right for me. 4/10/2020
Mike Drakeley 406-223-5761 Mens E or Mens C/D 3B, 1B, Outfield I used to play baseball growing up and softball since in other leagues 4/10/2020
Mary Fitzpatrick Womens or COed E1/E2
any except pitcher I played softball throughout high school and was on an intramural team in college 4/29/2020
Katie Gaddis Womens prefer 3rd, but can play others I have been playing rec league in CO for the last 20 years.  We are new to the area 4/29/2020
Jessica Calvin 406-546-2143 Coed 1/2 catcher, second base (not an outfielder) I've played on softball league while I was in the military.  Recently moved back and looking to get some playing time in.  I played in leagues in college and while I lived in Billings back in the day. I'm very competitive and looking to help and team out. 4/29/2020
Ryan Greydanus 406-399-2420 Mens or co-ed outfielder Played in Havre for several years, toured Montana tournaments 5/4/2020
Kelby Dyc or  719-839-9272 Mens or Coed any except pitcher Played lots of baseball in high school. Fairly new to Bozeman and looking to join a summer league to have fun and meet some more people! 5/4/2020
Maryssa Scheetz 406-600-1571 any any 5/4/2020
Noah Kueckelhan 970-685-9505 Coed E2 3rd/ shorstop/ CF Moved out here for school in 2015. Born and raised in Colorado, played baseball from coach pitch all the way to junior year of high school. Looking to stay active this summer and have fun while I'm at it. 5/8/2020
Keenen Blackbird 406-750-7523 Men's/Coed
I'm 24, played baseball throughout all of high school, and played in softball league the last two summers in Yellowstone National Park. In the softball league, mostly played pitched, SS, and 3rd; but can play any position if needed. Just wanna play softball this summer, competitive or beer league  5/10/2020
Matthew Ballou, 512-419-8345 Mens C/D,Mens E,Coed D or Just moved from Austin, Texas where I played with the Texas Monthly softball team in a beer league. High school baseball player. Lefty. I look fast, but I'm an average runner at best. Make up for it with a lightning fast first step in the outfield. An asset in the field, a singles and doubles poker at the plate.  5/11/2020
Taylor Winkel 720-252-6775 Coed E1/2 Hello! I'm 28 y.o. and recently moved from Denver. Looking to join a fun team. I played in highs chool, on a competitive men's team for a couple years, and on a co-ed team the past few years in CO. I'll always bring beer to the next game if I strike out! I'd like to play with Hayley Fink, also listed as a free agent. Thanks! 5/14/2020
Hayley Fink 631-835-6123 Coed E1/2 Hello! I am 28 y.o. and recently moved from Denver. Played softball in high school and on an intramural team back in CO. Looking for a fun team to play with and drink some beers! Would like to play with Taylor Winkel, also listed as a free agent!  Cheers      5/14/2020
Courtney Hester 304-654-2388 Womens, Coed upper I played baseball until I got into High School where I was on the varsity High School Softball Team (catcher and outfield) Played Co-Ed after High School for a few years back in West Virginia.  5/17/2020
Kekoa Cabanting 808-339-1947 Mens' C/D, Coed upper Big Hawaiian male, 44, played baseball, softball, football, has power and pretty good glove.  5/17/2020
Troy Mossing 406-600-1020 Coed E2 1st or 2nd I've played GVSA for the last 6 years. I'd be up for playing as a sub but prefer to play on a team full time. First base is where I'm at my best but I've played 2nd and 3rd base as well. 5/18/2020
Jennifer Love 406-599-8883 Coed I have played softball all growing up. Took a break to start a family and am now ready to dive right back in. I played fast pitch catcher and Second base. I also did time in the outfield. 5/23/2020
Aidan White 406-570-9018 Men's C/D or E, Coed C/D or E1 Just looking for a team this year, last years team is no longer together! 5/26/2020
Kevin Kleiman 617-921-6753 Men's or Coed 2nd 21 years old looking to join a team. Just looking to have fun 5/26/2020
Steve Klopmeyer 406-599-0304 Mens or Coed Catcher, 1st, infield I've played on 3 different teams with GVSA that never really lasted more than a year or 2. I really enjoy playing and actually enjoy playing catcher so I'll do the job no one else wants. I'm a decent hitter with a good OB%. 5/26/2020
Tanner Smith Men's C/D, Coed C/D Utility, Played infield in highschool 22 year old. Second team all state senior year secondbaseman. Played Some MSU Club. dDieing to get back on the diamond. 5/26/2020
Kait Hood 406-850-2364 Women's, Coed any I have played softball for most my life. My dad taught me when I was little and got me into playing Co-ed slow pitch when I was older. I have played on a few women's team and a couple coed teams in Bozeman and Billings. I really enjoy this sport and like the friendly competitiveness. I hope to be able to play this summer. 5/26/2020
Christian Ostermiller 406-539-8472 Mens E Pitcher Played on the WealthVest Men's (and coed team) for the last few years before it dissolved. Mostly play pitcher 61/2020
Maddie Comes Womens, Coed Any but pitcher I played high school softball and have been playing coed softball for 6 summers, new to Bozeman and looking to join a team! 6/1/2020
TJ Jenkins 406-600-8937 Mens E, Coed Any but pitcher Just moved back to Bozeman. It's not a summer without softball so I am hoping to get on a Coed or Mens team or both. I've played softball my whole life. I can play anywhere. Im good but looking to play with a fun group rather than overly competitive. Thanks! 6/1/2020
Jordan Coleman Mens Outfield I have played in Livingston for several years and am looking for more competition  6/28/2020
Matthew Valen 406-570-1623 Men's E, Coed Catcher, right field Hello everyone it is Panda! I hope you have all had a great year so far and are enjoying the sun! I have played with the Mall Rats for the past several years. I have a decent bat and do not mind catcher or right field. 6/28/2020
Chris Rodriguez 406-539-3547 Mens or Coed catch, pitch, 1st, outfield Been out of the game last couple years like to help out any team i can. 6/28/2020
Karl Jermunson 406-451-3585 Mens  Outfielder I'm not perfect but I get better every game 6/28/2020
Devon Euto 315-296-2146 Mens Any Just moved here from the East recently. Played baseball in college 7/15/2020
Jordan Anderson 224-520-2599 Coed 2nd/Outfield / anywhere I have played baseball since t-ball all the way to sophomore year in high school. I took a break from baseball as I wanted to try some other sports. When I worked in yellowstone for a couple summers, there was a softball league that I joined and loved playing. It has always been a passion of mine and I am always down to play a game! 7/31/2020
Jon Gitter Mens/Coed Any except Catch/Pitch I have played in a couple leagues in Texas and Georgia. I have mainly played outfield but can fill any position where needed. 7/31/2020

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