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Free Agents 2021

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Players Looking for Teams
Name Contact Info Position(s) Desired League Comments Date Added
Tobias Schultz 415-418-9780

calls/ text

Outfield Men's C/D, Men's E Hello, I'm new to Bozeman and a lifetime baseball lover. I have a good throwing arm and have some speed. 02/17/2021
Grant Strack518-637-1127calls/ textShortstop, OutfieldMen's C/D, Men's EI am new to the area and I am hoping to join a team this summer! I moved here from Pittsburgh and played fast pitch for 3 years there and while growing up in New York I have played slow pitch as well al throughout college. I am open to any levels, but being 25 I am still very competitive02/17/2021
Haley Smith406-580-7698calls/ textOutfieldWomen'sI moved to Bozeman a year ago. I played fast pitch softball for 12 seasons in California starting when I was about 8.02/18/2021


OutfieldMen's EJust moved to Bozeman back in September, played baseball from t-ball all the way to my junior year of high school. Bat left throw left.03/04/2021
Gabby Jackson502-741-8020calls/  text3rd / 1stWomen'sMoved to Bozeman in 2019, but before that I played in slow pitch leagues in Tennessee. Prior to slow pitch I played fast pitch softball from little league through college.03/05/2021
Ross Pieper303-549-8034calls/ text1st, pitch, catchAny Men'sHey I am Ross, moved to Bozeman in December and looking to play ball and meet cool new like minded competitive people. Been playing ball for awhile now and need a team!03/12/2021
Henry Burkehenrycburke@gmail.com1st but comfortable most placesAnyPlayed baseball for 14 years till my senior year of high school, want to get back into it. big baseball fan too03/12/2021
Zach Anderson406-600-3176calls/ textOutfield, SS, 2BAnyI have been playing coed league and tournaments since 2012. I will play any position, anytime. I love to play ball and am looking to try a new league and meet some new players. i would love to find someone to travel with for tournaments as well.03/12/2021
Rachael Smithrachaelevesmith@gmail.comFlexible! Most experience with 2B and RF, some catcherCoed C/D,Coed E1,Coed E2Hello! I have lived in Bozeman for 4 years and played recreational softball for 6-7 years. I am competitive but my goal in playing is just to play and have a fun time. My last team dissolved so looking for a new team to join. I'm happy playing wherever needed and am quick learner. Let me know if you have other questions or want to meet up and throw/hit a few balls.03/15/2021
Devon Pederson406-209-7221calls/ text2nd base SS center fieldMens C/D,Mens E,Coed C/DI have played for mens E a couple years ago and had to take last year off. Really looking to get onto a team very good playing 2nd and SS willing to play outfield as well.03/18/2021
Caleb Caquelin406-781-4487texts onlyAnyAny Mens or CoedPlayed in the league for a couple years, have not been able to get a team together the last two years.03/18/2021
Hannah Mundt406-209-7463calls/ textOutfield/InfieldWomensHi! Looking for something fun to do this summer. I played softball/fast pitch as a teen and still love it.03/18/2021
Dakota Dendy678-477-2029calls/ textI can play anywhere but mostly short or third.Mens C/DI have played the past two seasons in mens E with the rebels and chupacabras. We were suppose to be starting a D league team this year but it did not pan out so I do not have a team to play with currently. I can play all positions but normally play on the left side of the infield. I played baseball my whole life including a little college ball. Would love to find a competitive to be a part of.03/18/2021
Michael Carlson406-539-2315calls/ textCenterfieldAny MensBeen playing over here for a few years on nicks team I am known as Carl around softball just looking for a change this season I got one hell of an arm and some good speed for your outfield03/18/2021
Michael Dooleympdooley123@gmail.comInfield positions, pitcher, and some outfieldMens C/D,Mens E,Coed C/D,Coed E1I have played baseball throughout high school. I also played last year with a team that I made. This year I am just looking to tag on with another team.03/18/2021
Jeff Milchenjeff.milchen@gmail.comOutfield / anyCoed E2I am returning to the game after many years away. I enjoy competition and am a good athlete, but am primarily looking to meet new people and have fun after a long winter!03/22/2021
Zach Kincaid303-618-2493 or zachkincaid8@gmail.comPlayed outfield in HS and College, but enjoy playing any position besides pitcher and catcherMens C/D,Mens E,Coed C/D,Coed E1New to Bozeman as of September 2020. Played baseball through high school, as well as some club baseball in college. Typically an outfielder, but have played infield in softball leagues.03/29/2021
Samuel Earl518-728-6992Texts onlyAnywhereMens C/D,Mens E,Coed C/D,Coed E1,Coed E2,Coed E3New to Bozeman. Been playing my whole life. Would love to play this summer!03/29/2021
Kevin Sustentokso.nine.d@gmail.comShort, 2nd, any outfieldAny mens or coedWant to play 2021 also willing to string up a team from this free agent roster.03/29/2021
Jennifer Verzuh406-217-6807Texts onlyAnywhereWomens,Coed E1,Coed E2,Coed E3I'm a native of Montana in my mid-20s who recently moved to Bozeman for the first time after living out of state for a the past few years. I work in the media industry and love the outdoors. Looking to meet new people. I don't have much softball experience, and am mainly looking to play for fun.03/31/2021
Conor Whalen252-564-2069calls/ textsOuftieldMens E,Coed E2,Coed E3Resident of Bozeman for 5 years. Love being outside and active. Not much experience playing. Used to play T-ball and little league as a kid but fell out of it and looking to get back in!03/31/2021
Scott Wells406-579-9590calls/ textsPitcherMens EPitched for chupacabras for last 10 years. 50/50 batter. Ok defensively. Will not walk many batters04/02/2021
Kevin Peskuric425-791-0000calls/ textInfield/ OutfieldCoed C/D,Coed E1I'm a contact hitter that hits the ball hard into gaps. I have a strong arm and strive to play well in competitive situations. I enjoy playing softball and feel comfortable in any position.04/06/2021
Wes Overvoldwesovervold@gmail.comOutfieldCoed E1,Coed E2Grew up playing baseball, moved out to Bozeman a while ago, played in the Big Sky league for a few summers and won a championship, and now ready to play down here in the valley. Good at getting on base and decent speed on both the basepaths and in the outfield. Ultimately just really enjoy playing and having a good time with my teammates!04/07/2021
Vanessa Tracey530-386-5589calls/ texts3b, 1b, 2bCoed C/D,Coed E1,Coed E2Husband looking for team too. Want to be on the same team. Have been playing since I was little. Can really play anywhere, but prefer infield. My husband is super fast and is a great outfielder.04/07/2021
Daniel Kennedy205-473-5397calls/ textsThird base or short stop. Open to others.Mens C/D,Mens E,Coed C/D,Coed E1,Coed E2,Coed E3I recently moved from Birmingham, AL. I have played baseball since I was 5 years old and have experience playing softball recreationally. I have played pitcher, third base, and short stop. I am looking to enjoy the sport and make new friends.04/07/2021
Elsie Smith907-299-4228calls/ texts3rd, 2ndCoed C/D,Coed E1I am 21 and this is my first summer in Bozeman, super excited to be here! Looking forward to becoming part of the Bozeman softball community. I've played softball my whole life and coed B/C/D in Alaska for the past 4 years. I'm open to playing wherever is needed. call or text me if your looking for another player :)04/08/2021
Tyler Coombs406-360-7862texts onlyCenterfieldCoed E1I've moved to Bozeman a couple years ago and I want to try out a softball league. I grew up playing lots of sports and I'm a bit deaf in my left ear.04/08/2021
Jordan Coleman8027346052calls/ textsOutfield preferred but will play anywhereMens C/D,Mens EI have played softball for years in mens and coed leagues. I live in Bozeman full time now and am looking to play in a more competitive league.04/08/2021
Sara Horvath406-548-4582calls/ textsFirst base, or 3rd base. Possibly pitchCoed E2I played softball in high school and also on co Ed teams in college. I haven't played for about 7 yrs but I used to be pretty good, like all star team for Livingston. I pitched and got mvp multiple years for that so I'm sure I can get back into it easily :). I'm easy going but also serious too :)04/08/2021
Mike Kaiser406-214-8852calls/ textsInfield, AnyMens EMy name is Mike, (the guy with the beard)I ran the splendors (yellow team) for years, and unfortunately we won't be fielding a team this year. Really was hoping to not miss out on men's league for the first time in 8 years!! Played infield mostly, and have pitched a little, but would be willing to play anywhere!! Give me a shout so I don't miss out!! Thanks!!04/08/2021
Cody McSwaincody.mcswain@gmail.com3rd, 2nd, outfieldMens C/D,Mens EOriginally from Wyoming and now moving to Bozeman via South Carolina so wife can be with her from Montana. Have played competitive softball for the last 18 years. Will play any division and currently play in C class ball. 10-15 this year with 4 HR in 4 games. Current rules of my league are ASA and play with 52/300 balls. Do not arrive till July, but will be out sporadically between now and then. Happy to meet up to validate skill set. Will bring own bats, happy to contribute new balls for games, do not like to lose, and beers post game is a must!04/11/2021
Kayla Johnsonk.mjohnson956@gmail.comAnywhereCoed, WomensCollege student that is looking for something fun to do.04/11/2021
Matthew Edwards406-788-5492calls/ textsOutfield, 1stMens E,Coed C/D,Coed E1,Coed E2Missed playing last year due to various factors, but been playing and coaching co-ed leagues for several years before that.04/12/2021
Jeff Mohljefftmohl@gmail.comOutfield, pitcher, 1st baseMens C/D,Mens E,Coed C/D,Coed E1,Coed E2I played the last few years in a Coed-league, mostly pitching. Happy to play on a team for fun or something more competitive. Not a ton of baseball experience (played as a little kid through Jr high, and a few years of softball recently), but I ran track in college and threw javelin. So I have some speed and can throw.04/15/2021
Nathan Williams406-404-4846calls/ textsAnyMens EHaven't played in a league in a while but can play. Played a lot pre kids and Little League. Looking to get to know some good local folks. I enjoy winning but I don't enjoy big egos and big tempers. Rather have fun. Unless previously discussed, I show up. I'm not a flake.04/16/2021
Robynn Dunnrobynnt@gmail.comoutfield or 2ndWomens,Coed C/DI played last year and had fun. I have played on casual teams in my adult life and played girls fast pitch softball as a kid and in High School.04/19/2021
Sydney Lyons440-725-8182calls/ textsFirst base, outfield, etcCoed E2Hi! My name is Syd and I'm hoping to find a fun team to play summer ball with. I grew up playing fastpitch and love the sport. I'm 24, moved here recently from Colorado, and would love to meet some other folks in the area.04/19/2021
Lauren Whiddonlaurenrosewhiddon@gmail.comAnyCoed E2,Coed E3Just looking to have some fun and play04/19/2021
Kyle Edwardsedwardsk33@gmail.comAnywhere in the Outfield, Second BaseMens C/D,Coed C/DPlayed on Co-ed Softball teams for the last few years in Seattle. Just Moved. Played sports all my life. Happy to check out the adult softball scene this summer and fill in wherever needed.04/19/2021
Sam Bogan703-867-1780calls/ textsOutfield, Infield, Pitcher, Catcher... anywhere you need me.Mens E,Coed C/D,Coed E1,Coed E2,Coed E3I'm new from Colorado and really am missing the games I would be playing now. I enjoy being on a social team that is also competitive. I have been playing outfield for the past 8 years after about 5 years of pitching. Honestly, I'll play wherever if you have a spot open. Just want to get out and play and meet some new people. Thanks for reading! Sam05/04/2021
Melanie Schell406-224-0858calls/ textsanyWomens,Coed E1,Coed E2I've played softball (fast pitch and slow pitch) for over 30 years. I can hit just about anything, play any position, and am looking to have fun with a team that loves to play.05/04/2021
Kelley Pettigrew406-600-5105calls/ textsoutfield, infieldWomens,Coed C/D,Coed E1,Coed E2,Coed E3Fast pitch softball player my whole life, switch hitter, fast, can place the ball, diving catches in the OF, strong arm as I was a CF in H.S and college. Last year I played for Sidewinders team but I got a new cell # and got back to the team too late and now they have a full team. Would really love to play this season!05/04/2021
Tony Roberson602-621-0820calls/ textsPrefer Outfield, but can play infield except pitchingMens C/D,Mens E,Coed C/D,Coed E1,Coed E2,Coed E3Move back a few years ago. Have played slow pitch for several years prior. Looking to get back on a team.05/04/2021
Joe Grahamjoe@lenoxworkshops.comoutfieldMastersI'm 69 yrs old and would like to play in an old guys league. Played as a kid and in a church league.05/04/2021
Abi Devan925-683-8178calls/ textsPrimarily short or third, but can play pretty much anywhere.Mens C/D,Mens E,Coed C/D,Coed E1,Coed E2,Coed E3I've lived in Bozeman for more than ten years and played for the Scoop/Coors Men's team from 2014-2017. After some time away from Bozeman, I'm back in town and excited to join a softball team. I have a long history playing baseball, from Little League all they way to D1 in college. I prefer playing infield, but am capable of pretty much any position. Feel free to call or text me at 925-683-8178. Thanks!05/04/2021
Tyler Flikkema406-209-3985calls/ textsanyCoed E1,Coed E2Just looking to play. Love the game05/04/2021
Steven Pack510-309-4328calls/ textsoutfieldMens C/D,Coed C/DAustralian -- played lots of cricket, so can definitely catch and throw. Played one slow pitch season in California. Happy to fill in or play regularly.05/04/2021
Nathan Rodacker406-839-3908calls/ textsany / outfieldCoed C/D,Coed E1,Coed E2,Coed E3Played baseball growing up, I'll play anywhere on the field and provide some pop in the bat.05/05/2021
JD Swedswedjd@hotmail.comConsidered a good utility player at all positions but pitcher, prefer second base,outfieldMens C/D,Coed C/DBefore COVID, played on two traveling teams out of Reno. Won winter international tournament in 2020. Competitive player well like by teammates, play better than my years.05/17/2021
Kellie Schramm406-580-7792calls/ textsOutfield/CatcherCoed E2Love softball05/17/2021
Shawn Crane813-701-7726calls/ textsAny positionMens C/D,Mens E,Coed C/D,Coed E1,Coed E2,Coed E3Love to play the game. Bats right, throws right....Very good bat and excellent speed.06/07/2021
Alaura Crane406-855-7395calls/ textsAny positionWomens,Coed C/D,Coed E1,Coed E2,Coed E3Love the game of softball and have played it for years. Have a powerful bat at the plate and excellent speed.06/07/2021
Jeremeiah Skinnertexts onlyCan play all left side positions.Mens C/D,Mens E,Coed C/D,Coed E1,Coed E2,Coed E3Played softball since I was 16. Love to play. Can't get enough!! Can hit the long ball. Fast!!06/07/2021
Jake Bierigcalls/ textsCan play all left side positions.Mens C/D,Mens EI am a tournament player for the 40-stix out of Billings that are d/e team and just finished up college ball last year and am looking for something to do during the weekdays I mainly play 3rd, 2nd or outfield06/07/2021
Jake Schulzcalls/ textsAnyMens C/D,Mens E,Coed C/D,Coed E1,Coed E2,Coed E3Athletic06/07/2021
Hayden Densoncalls/ textsAnything. Left handed so most likely first or outfieldMens C/D,Mens EI have played most summers until I moved out here and would love to get back into it.06/07/2021
Caitlin Akkermentexts onlyOut fieldWomens,Coed C/D,Coed E1,Coed E2,Coed E3Hi everyone! My name is Caitlin. I am 30 years old. I have lived in Montana since 2007. I grew up playing softball but have not played since high school. I am looking for a team that is not necessarily all about the competition but wants to have fun.06/07/2021

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