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Field Crew

GVSA is now hiring for the 2019 season, for the Field Crew position. Job description as follows:

Responsibilities include

  1. Daily maintenance of the infields in preparation for each evening's games. Maintenance includes:
  2. Wetting, dragging, and lining each infield
  3. Preparing batter's boxes
    Wetting and tamping batters boxes to level
    Wetting and tamping catchers area to level
  4. If necessary, pumping rainwater from infields to minimize game cancellations.
  5. Daily cleaning and general maintenance of dugouts.
  6. Setting bases prior to season beginning, and moving bases as necessary throughout the season.
  7. Maintain GVSA equipment to ensure in good and safe working order
  8. Maintain storage sheds to an organized state
  9. Trash service
    As needed, dump all trash cans into the main dumpster
    Pick up any trash around the complex as you come across it
  10. Inspect field and fence areas for safety issues daily.  Make sure all gates are closed for start of games.  Report any safety issues to GVSA President.
  11. Conduct yourself and crew in such a manner to promote and support GVSA to all players and guests of the softball complex.
  12. Other duties as assigned

Work typically required for games Monday through Thursday, with occasional make-up games on Fridays. Also, field maintenance required for scheduled tournament weekends and will include additional compensation.  Season starts April 29th and concludes August 4th.  


$7,500 per the season. As stated above, any weekend tournaments are separate agreement and compensation.

To Apply:

Include the following information in an email to

  • Brief introduction of  you, your company, or your crew.
  • Qualifications
  • At least 2 references

Deadline to apply April 18th, 2019

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